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At ACTV we train hard but we train smart! Our programs are designed with purpose and progression to get results.

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Structured around ACTVs performance model, the ACTV programs vary training volume and intensity throughout the week to ensure recovery and mitigate over training. ACTV programs utilise a variety of workout structures of differing durations and ratios of work-to-rest, ensuring the development of all energy systems.

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Achieve your running goals with the ACTV Run Program. Each week there are three run sessions incorporating varying training methods such as Interval, Fartlek and Steady State. ACTV Run sessions provide structure and challenge which will result in an improvement to your aerobic base. These sessions can be used in conjunction with any of our Programs.

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At ACTV we believe in a holistic approach. Results occur when you combine purposeful training, wholesome nutrition, a consistent sleep routine, regular hydration and actively invest in your mental wellbeing.

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Access over 250 movement videos to ensure you’re training with the correct form.


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